Why aren’t Farrah Abraham’s fans called Farrahdactyls?

you’re brilliant


Anonymous asked: Leah and Corey have the best communication amongst separated parents. I'm so proud of them, Corey is such a great dad.

I agree, it’s great to see that while they may have acted immature in other places and ways, the maturity is there where it counts most, which is parenting


maureensadoll asked: You could totally see that Chelsea looks reaaaaally different with less makeup (I'm refering to the scene where she's applying her makeup)

haha i am a makeup lover, so i call that a “makeup face” (where you look totally different without it) which i love! hahaha


Anonymous asked: ok, i'm not from u.s.a., but kailyn lives on dover (delaware) and jo lives and new jersey? looks like very distant to me. am I right?

It’s not too bad, as the states are fairly small, so I think they split the drive so it’s a shorter drive for each (under 3 hours i believe)


suck-it-nerds asked: Don't miss the TM2 finale special tonight!!! Ugly crying faces and arguments about who should co parent!

i missed it! well, i DVRed it and have got to watch is soon!!


ellianasenchantedecho asked: Jenelle is a bitch and I hate her with a passion; but when her and nathan were fighting in the car and he said the baby was better off dead I cried. & if I was her he would have been kicked out of the car forcefally while I drove away.

yea, i was glad to see her drop him off, just wish she then drove away!


Anonymous asked: When does the next part of the season of TM2 start? After 16 & pregnant?

tuesday i believe!


sleeptillwedie asked: here in brazil, Kaiser is a beer haha



New-ish TM2 is on (the episode on ATM is from just after Leah miscarried) and being in the UK we’re already really behind (and I’m even more behind since I’m usually at uni without a tv) so this is the first time I’m seeing Jerm-y and Javi etc and everything seems so different. I couldn’t stand Kailyn before and now I think she’s great. I’m also warming up to Leah a lot more. Adam and Jenelle are still train wrecks, though.