Barbara has arrived

Barbara has arrived

Watching Teen Mom 2


Wtf is Leah’s haircut!?


I’m sad cause tonight is the Teen Mom 2 finale

That means I have to wait until all my shows start again. Which is like 3-4 Months



Anonymous asked: Farrah "singing" that song omg I'm honestly dying that's so funny yet so painful she sounds like a robot 😂😂

She is just a mess. If she kept quiet and stopped making such desperate career decisions she could’ve been back on this show!


Anonymous asked: Kaisers so adorable! Who do you think he looks like?



Anonymous asked: A restraining order against cars 😂😂😂 oh that's a good one but seriously is that a thing? Adam needs to get on that ASAP

Hahaha if it was he’d be a great candidate! Hahaha


Anonymous asked: I just watched the episode where Jenelle's upset whatshisface isn't helping set up for their baby shower and Jace starts singing that song about the rainbow in the back seat.. that kid is way sweeter and better than that girl deserves. Wow.

It was prob one of the saddest scenes in the show


thereyouarejustadrunkenstar asked: Did you see that on the news they were talking about how girls wanted to see younger girls on 16 and pregnant so MTV is airing a special about being younger than 14 and pregnant? I'll see if I can find the link!

My friend mentioned that! I had hoped it wasn’t true! Eeek!